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hf-8 Series

hf-8 Premium

    Product Features

    • extremely quiet
    • a separate covered reservoir to store tips
    • large capacity reservoir: 900 ml
    • 360 Degree Tip Rotation
    • 12 multi-purpose jet tips

    Health Benefits

    • the multi-function irrigator that satisfies your daily oral and nasal hygiene needs
    • effective oral hygiene for the whole family as a supplement to daily brushing
    • it utilizes the single jet h2ofloss™ system, highly recommended by professionals, for optimal cleansing, gum massage, gingivitis prophylaxis and plaque control
    • clinically proven to be 99.9% effective in removing plaque from treated areas in just 3 seconds
    • ideal for cleaning around bridgework, crowns, braces, implants and veneers