Periodontal diseases range from the mild types to the more severe types which might cause a disruption of the bone tissues and eventually, the loss of teeth.

What causes periodontal diseases?

Microorganisms, specifically, bacteria that has not been eradicated in their earlier formation stages. Bacteria, together with other particles, forms a colourless substance called “Plaque” on our teeth. Plaque constantly forms on your teeth, through foods or beverages with sugars or starches, the bacteria releases acids that attack the enamel on your tooth. It definitely causes common problems, but gum health is also an important topic in dentistry.

A common but less severe case of Periodontal disease is “Gingivitis” which is the inflammation of the gums. When one has Gingivitis, one would notice that his/her gums tends to swell and bleeds easily.

The more severe case of gum disease is “Periodontitis” which is an inflammation around the tooth. For this case, the gums retract from the teeth and form gaps that gain infection.

The plaque spreads further and then starts to grow below the gum line. With our body’s reaction to bacterial infection, it causes the weakening of connective and bone tissues that supports the healthy structure of the teeth. If neglected, this may lead to said weakening of the bone, tissues and gums which lays foundation for the teeth. In more severe cases, the tooth loses its support and may have to be extracted eventually.

Honestly, not many people like visiting the dentist do they? Having read some of the bad news bacteria brings,here is some good news:

Regular brushing and flossing helps to eradicate the development of plaque. That tackles the root of your dental problems.

Certain lifestyle habits also makes individuals more susceptible to gum diseases, for example people who smoke have higher risks of contracting Periodontal disease. Hence, it is also important to examine one’s lifestyle to see what can be improved to maintain a healthier image.

Though in our modern-day lifestyles, we are so busy with executing our daily activities that we tend to neglect the importance of certain routine-like tasks like maintaining the health of our teeth, we need to remember that by having unhealthy habits, they will lead to deterioration of our health, and treating these diseases will require us to commit finances and time.

Hence, it is always good to plan ahead and prevent these before it is too late. Apart from efficient electric brushes, convenient antiseptic mouth washers, there are also interdental brushes and oral irrigators that help to clean up the trickier zones of our teeth.

With the onslaught of a wide array of dental equipment to maintain the proper hygiene of our teeth, it gets more difficult to find excuses not to take care of our pearly “gleaming glories”.




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