Gingivitis is a prevalent type of gum disease that leads to the inflammation of gums. Though it is a common type of gum disease and is not categorized as a severe disease, it may eventually lead to Periodontitis which is a more severe condition of gum disease. Perodontitis, if not being treated fast, might lead to the weakening of one’s bone tissues and the dreaded loss of your teeth.

That’s why it is important to cultivate good oral hygiene habits to nip these problems in the bud. Poor oral hygiene causes bacteria to “triumph”; and plaque to form when sugars and starches from food combines with it. A nasty environment for you, it is one where bacteria that causes Gingivitis and other conditions such as bad breath.

To prevent gingivitis from happening, we need to brush and floss our teeth regularly as plaque that has not been eradicated would eventually develop into Tartar.

When plague develops into tartar, it requires the engagement of professional dental cleaning services to remove them. When Tartar prevails, it irritates the Gingiva, and eventually, the area around your gums becomes more sensitive and bleeds more easily.

Tooth decay may result due to the weakening of gum tissues.

There are also some factors that may increase our risk of Gingivitis, some of which include:

  1. Smoking
  2. Diabetes
  3. Substance Abuse
  4. Old Age

Due to our busy lifestyles, it might be difficult to maintain certain healthy habits, but we have tools like electric brushes, antiseptic mouth washes which can help us to maintain our oral hygiene.

A H20 Floss tip: We can also consider oral irrigators that can help to remove food particles that are trapped within certain areas of our teeth. Oral irrigators may also help individuals with braces to brush their teeth more efficiently, as it might get trickier to brush and maintain the appearance of the teeth having the metal pieces fixed on them.

One should find time to commit discipline in maintaining the health of our teeth as our teeth not only reflects our pride in our image, it is also important for individuals working in certain industries, especially for people working in the front-line service sectors.




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