h2ofloss limited hf-3 Classic Oral and Nasal Irrigator

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In stock: Europe model 220-240 volts (Singapore voltage)
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don’t just brush and floss, complement your daily routine with  pulsating jets that can effectively dislodge food debris and ensure that gaps between teeth and under the gumline are bacteria-free
cleans your bridgework, crowns, braces, veneers and implants effortlessly;
clinically proven to be up to 93% more effective than string floss at improving gum health;
easier than flossing! can be used with water, mouthwash or anti-bacterial rinses as recommended by your dentist or dental hygienist;
removes bacteria from the tongue to freshen breath;

Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 12 × 22 × 8 cm

The worldwide voltage: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 9W


Unit Size: 21.7 x 7.5 x 11.5 cm, Unit weight: 0.65 Kg, Case pack: 10 units, Case pack size: 39.5 x 23.5 x 25 cm, Case pack weight: 6.5Kgs


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