First impressions matter a lot when we present ourselves to people, hence it is important to maintain the health and hygiene of our teeth as this manifests that we take pride in our appearances. By feeling good about ourselves, this would help to instill self-confidence in us when we communicate with others.

As mentioned in our previous post, Gingivitis though not severe but may eventually lead to Periodontis, which if not treated carefully, one might lose his/her teeth.

Here, we can ponder over some lifestyle habits that can be adapted to our lives in order to show that we take care of our smiles:

  1. Brush and floss your teeth regularly. One can consider using a dentist-recommended electric toothbrush which may help to remove food particles more effectively. Electric toothbrushes are also useful for individuals who lead more hectic lifestyles.

  1. Schedule professional cleaning/scaling appointments with your regular dentist.

  1. Use professionally-recommended interdental brushes to clean hard to clean areas. Do remember to seek advice from your dentist on how to effectively use these interdental brushes to clean your teeth. One can also consider using tools like certified oral irrigators available in the market to inculcate into their daily oral hygiene habits.

  1. Using antiseptic mouth washes can also help to keep our breath fresh and clean.

  1. Consuming more water can help to keep our teeth clean. The fluoride content contained in the water can help to prevent tooth decay.

  1. Avoid sticky food that is high in sugar content.

  1. Avoid carbonated drinks that contain acids that erode tooth enamel.

  2. Consider getting an oral irrigator, h2ofloss limited

It is easier and more economical to prevent tooth diseases than spending time and money to treat them later on. Certain dental treatment services like Root Canal Treatments can be very costly to engage once the teeth reaches the stage that only such intense treatment can help to rectify the pain.

Prevention is always better than cure, and when one has the choice to maintain the healthy appearance of one’s teeth, shouldn’t it be seen as a regular commitment to upkeep?




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